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Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence

CentraleSupélec Exed
400 heures
20 000 EUR hors taxes
Formation Professionnelle
Prochaine session : octobre 2022 - Paris
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Description de la formation

Our world today is undergoing unprecedented changes. The digital revolution, massive data and globalization are real revolutions that raise huge challenges and expectations for society.
Businesses are looking for high-level scientific professionals who are true «integrator-innovators», able to pool wide fields of expertise, generate new solutions, initiate and bring about change with a strong sense of ethics, responsibility and civic engagement, particularly in the face of social and environmental concerns.

Objectifs visés

Our program is unique in terms of curriculum since it encircles the field both with model/symbolic-driven and data-driven artificial intelligence methods as well as their applications to critical domains of the society like ethics, internet of people, networks, logistics, and biomedical sciences.


Pour découvrir le programme, vous pouvez contacter l'organisme formateur pour en savoir plus sur la formation.

Public Cible

You have graduated or will you graduate soon from a top university/school with a strong degree (Bachelor/M1) in Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Physics;
You have little to no work experience.
You have a good level of English and would you like to study entirely in English.
You are looking to become an expert and a leader in AI.


A minimum level in English is required: 850 on the TOEIC.

Suivi et évaluation

Exams throughout the different modules
A professional thesis to write and present in front of a jury of experts

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CentraleSupélec Exed

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