Executive MBA Digital Transformation Strategy

2 ans
8 900 EUR
2 ans
8 900 EUR
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Digitalization has affected all areas of society and the economy. In the new economy, entire business models are being revolutionized, working models and processes are changing. The opportunity for real growth, up to $20 trillion over the next five years by IDC estimates, combined with the threat of new, digitally savvy competitors is driving established enterprises to invest in digitally centric business models. Businesses and organizations increasingly need experts who can successfully manage the impact and functioning of the digital revolution and to actively shape the process of organizational transformation.

The Digital Transformation Diploma examines typical business models of the New Economy and their prerequisites for success. By communicating state-of-the-art knowledge combined with a strong practical relevance, the participants are enabled to become the driving force of digital transformation in their own company and to establish a leading culture characterized by corporate entrepreneurship.
Learn about the current and emerging digital technologies enabling radical improvements in business processes and innovation methodologies (Information and Related Technology Governance and Management, Architecture, Agile, Lean, Design Thinking, etc.…) and how to lead them within companies.

The diploma also addresses how data analytics and technologies used to disrupt sectors of the economy and transform business functions and develop results-focused innovation and transformation strategies.
Leading transformation and innovation and develop practical leadership skills to overcome organizational obstacles to innovation and to drive successful transformations within functions or businesses.

This Executive MBA Digital Transformation Online is entirely in english and in partenership with ESLSCA University Egypt.



Objectifs visés

  • Turn digital disruption from threat into opportunity by capturing value for your organization
  • Align and mobilize your people and other stakeholders to support your initiative
  • Focus on the real priorities and discover valuable superior insights
  • Refine your plan and obtain sound arguments to persuade stakeholders to support its implementation
  • Learn tools and techniques for digital era
  • Capture digitalization innovation trends
  • Know about e-commerce strategy and digital business models
  • Learn how to manage digital transformation changed and roadmap in organizations


Why do an Executive MBA in Digital Strategy and Transformation?

Fully taught in English, this Executive MBA brings a strong added value to your curriculum by providing you with the skills of an expert in digitalization and organizational transformation.

An Executive MBA to meet digital and managerial challenges

This Executive MBA applies to the new economy and trains candidates to become key players in the digital transformation of their company. They acquire the leadership skills needed to implement innovative processes and to deploy new management of associated technologies. The MBA is delivered in a Blended-Learning format and offers candidates the opportunity to follow it at their own pace with online and face-to-face sessions. They learn how to develop their managerial responsibility by amplifying their agility.

ESLSCA's IDS EMBA, a high level training

Internationally recognised, this MBA is a very high quality training that provides skills related to digital and digital transformation. This unique format is the one that holds all the skills to focus in its curriculum on:

  • Entrepreneurship ;
  • Start-up management
  • Project management
  • International negotiation;
  • Mobile marketing;
  • Finance, Marketing and Strategy;
  • Data science.

Candidates thus intensify a cross-functional working mode while being collaborative on short and iterative production cycles.

Public Cible

Professionals looking to:

  • understand digital business holistically
  • pivot into the digital industry
  • learn the skills necessary for a digital economy
  • reboot their careers, re-enter the workforce


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