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CMC Fostering and Developing Global Talent

Groupe IGS
5 Jours
3 800 EUR
Particuliers (Inter)
Éligible CPF

Description de la formation

To succeed in developing talent on a global scale

Objectifs visés

Global Strategic HR and Developing Talent

  • Provide insight and understanding of world-class International HR practices
  • Identify and analyze key international HR challenges and solutions
  • Enhance participants' competences in global, distributed and complex environments
  • Design and measure performance indicators for sustainable business strategy
  • Provide theoretical and real-life illustrations to drive HR team transitions and manage change successfully


  • Fostering and Developing Global TalentStrategy - New tendances
    • What's new about strategic management?
    • Analyzing: 2 dominant models, one new way to think
    • The strategic and decision process
    • Blue ocean strategy
    Talent management
    • HRM, strategy & talent: New frontiers
    • Evolution of working environment and its impact on talent management and talent development
    • Process to build a talent management strategy
    • Digitalisation in HR practices and systems for talent management and development
    • Identifying and nurturing future leaders
    • Implement the individual development plan
    Developing high potentials - Corporate universities
    • Leadership competences  for the future
    • How organisations develop these competences through the corporate universities
    Design thinking
    • HR design thinking : methods, tools, experimentation

Public cible/ Prérequis

Prerequisites / Admission requirements

Qualified applicants should possess:

  • At least 5 years working experience
  • A University Master's Degree
  • English proficiency

Admission Process

  • Application form
  • Individual Interview to confirm applicant's profile, applicant's career plan, professional and personal availability

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Informations pratiques

Éligible au CPF : 247917


Groupe IGS

1 rue Jacques Bingen
75017 Paris

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