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Develop your impact and your influence in English (Interactifs Discipline©)

4 Jours
Formation Professionnelle
Prochaine session : 11/03/2021 - Paris
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Sur demande

Description de la formation

Develop your impact and your influence in English Interactifs Discipline©

Interactifs training

  • If you spend more than half of your working time dealing with other people (colleagues, clients, prospects, suppliers, etc.)
  • If the quality of the relationships you build and the impact you make are essential to both your performance and your well-being at work,
  • If English is not your native language but you need to use it daily for interactions at work,

Then this course is made for you!

Objectifs visés

Like us you have likely seen native English speakers who, despite their impeccable mastery of the language, lacked in clarity and impact. Like us, you have surely also seen non-native speakers who knew how to make themselves heard and to influence others, despite the imperfections in their verbal expression. Clarity, impact and influence have as much to do with the mastery of interactions as it does the mere mastery of a given language. 

With Interactifs, will learn to master an approach that will help you be faster, more productive, more influential and more at ease in your professional interactions in English, even though it may not be your mother tongue.

Interactifs’ original and proprietary approach (the Interactifs Discipline©) equips people in organisations of all sizes and at all levels (from the board down) with a simple set of verbal behaviours and reflexes which enable them, in all of their meetings and conversations, both inside and outside the company, to increase:

  • the authority they convey
  • the influence they exercise
  • the impact they make
  • the results they produce
  • the respect they earn
  • the respect they show
  • the quality of their relationships
  • the enjoyment they derive



The Interactifs Discipline© was developed by Philippe de Lapoyade and a group of management and communication professionals who observed over a sustained period what happens when people interact with each other. It all started with two simple questions:

  • What constitutes someone's talent?
  • How to better train those whose job it is
    to have influence over others?

In seeking an answer, Philippe and his colleagues applied the methodologies and meticulous observation used in lean manufacturing and total quality management.

After many years of trial and error, they found a small number of constants of behaviour which more often produce trust, comfort and concrete results for all. Today this is called the Interactifs Discipline©.

Mastering the Interactifs Discipline© ensures that anyone can express their talent consciously day-in and day-out rather than occasionally and according to circumstance.

Although many professionals spend the vast majority of their time interacting with others, they spend comparatively very little time developing their relationship skills and their social intelligence.

At Interactifs we believe that relationship skills, like any other skill, can be learnt. We see the vast amounts of time and energy saved and pleasure gained in the many thousands of people we train every year.

Public Cible

Professionals who spend spend more than 50% of their time in interactions (directors, managers, sales staff, etc.) and for whom English is not their native language.

Moyens Pédagogiques

  • Real life professional situations proposed by the participants themselves
  • Filmed role-plays
  • No PowerPoint

Avantages de la formation

  • Highly operational
  • Truly interactive
  • Simple and immediately applicable concepts 
  • Small groups of 6 to 8 people
  • Mix of face-to-face and distance learning
  • Mix of training and coaching
  • All trainers are from the business world


Profil du Formateur

Interactifs' 80 trainers are all:

  • masters in the Interactifs Discipline©
  • successful business professionals
  • memorable characters
  • focused on reconciling performance with integrity

equipe Interactifs

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Interactifs en chiffres 

Si vous passez plus de 50% de votre temps professionnel en relation (réunions, entretiens, mails, échanges avec des clients, des collaborateurs…), Si la qualité de vos relations et de vos échanges est essentielle dans l’atteinte de vos objectifs et dans...

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