Leadership for Boosting Performance

MCE - Management Centre Europe, • Amsterdam (+4 lieu(x))
4 jours
4 995 EUR HT
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23 septembre, 2024 (+3 date(s) de début)
En centre de formation, En entreprise
4 jours
4 995 EUR HT
Prochaine session
23 septembre, 2024 (+3 date(s) de début)
En centre de formation, En entreprise
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Description de la formation

Identify Your Three Drivers for Stand-out Performance

As a senior executive in an international organization, you are responsible for the overall performance of the organization or division. Leadership in current world is complex and consists of many different dimensions.  But where do you focus your efforts? There is no one-size-fits-all strategy or approach. Where you focus depends on your organization, on your environment, on your strategy, on your vision. To be successful, you should try to focus on only three key areas maximum. In this programme, you will explore all the key dimensions of our new model of leadership and decide on the 3 key areas for your organization.  Depending on the chosen dimension, recipes to succeed will be very different.


  • Receive your copy of “What Leadership is For: Identifying the Three Drivers for Stand-Out Performance”
  • Explore the 12 drivers of leadership in today’s world
  • Choose your 3 focus areas and build your leadership plan


  • Executive leadership
  • Strategic thinking
  • Strategy execution
  • Diversity & inclusion,
  • Digital transformation
  • Customer focus
  • Operational excellence
  • Partnership skills
  • Employee engagement

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Objectifs visés

  • Align teams on key drivers of your leadership
  • Move from strategy, vision, objectives to out-performance
  • Inspire a shared corporate vision
  • Learn how to digitalize with humans
  • Become a bold and responsible leader
  • Develop your innovation culture
  • Understand customer intimacy
  • Build growth mindset
  • Implement your DEIB strategy


Leadership for Boosting Performance is a 4-day or 8 live online sessions hands-on training programme.


  1. Leadership Model – identifying your three drivers
    1. Understanding the overall concept
    2. Exploring the quadrants and 12 potential drivers
    3. Where is your organization today
  2. Leadership for Growth
    1. Growth mindset
    2. Accelerated growth
    3. Going beyond the constraints of scale
    4. Who is going to follow?
    5. Securing the value
  3. Leadership for Innovation
    1. The innovation radar
    2. Red ocean, blue ocean
    3. Better innovation
    4. The possibility gap
    5. Creative culture
    6. Getting everyone involved
  4. Leadership for Partnerships
    1. Innovation partnerships
    2. Growth partnerships
    3. Partnership skills
    4. Three degrees of partnership
  5. Leadership for Strategy Execution
    1. Misaligned value in organizations
    2. The discipline of market leaders
    3. Moving from strategy to performance
    4. The strategy house
    5. The execution framework
  6. Leadership for Effectiveness
    1. The core competencies of effectiveness
    2. The billion-dollar turnaround
    3. Being bold and responsible
  7. Leadership for Digitalization
    1. Digital experiences
    2. Data, analytics, and processes
    3. Cross-functional teams
    4. Design principles
    5. Digitalizing with humans
  8. Leadership for Employee Experience
    1. A more human deal
    2. Design thinking
    3. Creating an employee experience
    4. Purposive employees
    5. Strategic transformations and metrics
  9. Leadership for Diversity and Inclusion
    1. Commitment and impact
    2. Breaking down invisible walls
    3. Transformational models
    4. Metrics
    5. Implementing DEIB
  10. Leadership for Inspiration
    1. Inspiring a shared vision
    2. Becoming inspiring and inspirational models
    3. Cascading inspiration
    4. Leadership presence
  11. Leadership for Customer Focus
    1. Bad profits, good profits
    2. The paradox of growth
    3. A seamless experience
    4. Business metrics
    5. Turning numbers into behaviours
  12. Leadership for Brands
    1. Classic brands caught in the middle
    2. New brands, value discipline and becoming number one
    3. Brand definition
    4. Brand implementation
  13. Leadership for Personalization
    1. Customer intimacy
    2. Personalization as standard
    3. Intelligent customer engines
    4. Managing personalization
    5. Designing the experience
    6. Data analytics
    7. Winning with AI
  14. Leadership without Authority
    1. Creating your power base
    2. Organizationally savvy
    3. Positive emotions
    4. MCE models and frameworks
    5. Persuasion
  15. Choosing your 3 Focus Areas

 Where do you want to be and how to get there : Action plan

Public Cible

You are a senior leader and a manager of managers. You are responsible for the overall strategy in your department, team or organization. You are faced with many executive challenges in your role.  You want to boost the performance of your organization, division or department.

Typical Participants:

Senior Managers

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